About Dr. Monica Sava

I am an expert in Clinical Research, a Mathematical Statistician, a Graduate Professor and Program Chair, an Herbalist, a Functional Diagnostic & Certified Holistic Nutritionist, a Hashimoto's Practitioner, a HeartMath Practitioner and a Holistic Lifestyle Coach. I help people and animals improve their quality of life with a very integrated approach to wellness that uses all areas of my background. I will even suggest Western Medicine when I think it is appropriate. The goal is to help my clients lead a happier and more fulfilled life. I am a caring, empathetic person who listens to her clients and strives to be the best healer possible!

I work very closely with my clients to develop a custom holistic health plan integrating functional diagnostic nutrition, holistic lifestyle elements, and herbalism for all of your family members including your pets (four legged family members).  At the Farm we help people and animals regain their health and improve their quality of life. 

Areas of Specialization

My focus includes autoimmune disorders and tick borne illnesses. Unfortunately, these issues are overlooked or ignored by many in our medical community so I am here to help you.

  • Detoxification

  • Parasites

  • Viruses

  • Autoimmune Disorders

  • Lyme

  • Babesia

  • Bartonella

  • Erlichia...just to name a few. 

"When I accept a client, we have a bond - a commitment and I take that very seriously."

Degrees, Certification, Training & Awards

I have extensive work experience within health industry NIH, FDA, NASA and academia. I am also skilled in Functional Diagnostic & Holistic Nutrition, Hashimotos, Herbalism, Essential oils, Flower Essences, Holistic Lifestyle Practices and Stress Management Techniques


  • BS Mathematics - Fordham University

  • MA Measurement, Statistics and Evaluation

  • Ph.D Measurement, Statistics and Evaluation

  • Current Program Chair at the University of Maryland

Organizations and Memberships

  • American Education Research Association

  • American Statistical Association

  • Association of University Programs in Health Administration

  • Caucus for Women in Statistics

  • Drug Information Association

  • National Council on Measurement in Education

  • Connecticut Herb Association

  • American Herbalist Guild

  • National Association of Nutritional Professionals

  • American Botanical Council

  • HerbMentor since 2011

  • American Statistical Association

Diplomas and Certifications

  • HeartMath Certified Coach/Mentor Program completed March 2017

  • Certificate of Achievement Hashimoto’s Institute Practitioner Training completed September 2016

  • Certificate of Completion of the Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Course completed August 2016

  • Shaw Academy: Diploma in Nutrition completed July 2016

  • Shaw Academy: Certificate of Completion in Child Nutrition completed July 2016

  • Shaw Academy: Diploma in Personal Nutrition completed September 2016

  • Certificate of Participation Award for Essential Oils for Stopping Persistent Lyme Disease Online Training Program completed June 2016


  • December 2015 - Presidential Award, Univeristy of Maryland University College for distinctive contribultions to UMUC throughout person's career, through regular and active involvement in programs, activities, and projects that demonstarte a commitment to the university as a while.

  • 2009 Turn the Corner Courage Award for Lyme Disease. Given for strength and perserverance in the fight against Lyme disease.

  • June 2003 - Save Our Students award for online teaching at American Intercontinental University 

  • May 2002 - MBA Excellence Award, University of Maryland University College.

  • May 2002 - Stanley J. Drazek Teaching Excellence award, University of Maryland University College

Completed Coursework

David Crow Herbal Courses 

  • Medicinal Plants for Protecting the Body, Mind and Spirit with David Crow: intensive 12 weeks completed June 2017 (36 hours)

  • The Aromatherapy Advanced Training with David Crow : intensive 18 week course completed January 2017 (54 hours)

  • Medicinal Plants and Spiritual Evolution Intensive with David Crow: 18 weeks course intensive completed June 2016 (54 hours)

  • Medicinal Plants and Spiritual Evolution with David Crow: 12 week intensive course completed April 2015 (36 hours) + 6 hour bonus on healing


  • David Winston Healing Plants: Medicines for the Soul, Part 1 March 2016 (10 hours)

  • Healing Plants: Medicines for the Soul, Part 2 April 2016 (10 hours)

  • David Winston: Lifting the Shadows, The Herbal Treatment of Depression and Anxiety  June 2016 (10 hours)

  • David Winston: Adaptogens: Herbs for Strength, Stamina and Stress Relief (10 hours)

  • Sara Crow A Flower's Power: A Course In The Energetics of Flower Essences. March 2016 (20 hours)

  • Aromahead Institute: Introduction to Essential Oils completed January 2016

  • Aromahead Institute: Body Butters and Lip Balms completed January 2016

  • Aromahead Institute: Aromatherapy for Natural Living completed June 2016

  • Energetic Health Institute presented Title of Genesis Certified Holistic Lifestyle Specialist October 2017

  • Energetic Health Institute presented Title of Certified Vaccine Education Specialist September 2017

  • Energetic Health Institute presented Title of Certified Cleansing and Fasting Specialist November 2017

  • Body Mind Institute - Dr. Terry Willard :Wild Rose Herbal Detox Guide September 2016 (2 hours)

Courses on Lyme Disease

Two Frogs Healing Center - Greg Lee

  • Alternative Herbal Strategies for Overcoming Lyme Pain and Recurrent Symptoms in Lyme Patients August 2017 (3 hours)

  • New Alternative Remedies and Treatments for Stopping Lyme Disease Pain April 2017 (3 hours)

  • Essential Oils for Stopping Lyme Disease Symptoms Training January 2017 (3 hours)

  • Hashimoto's Thyroid Autoimmune Treatments and Alternative Remedies Training August 2016 (3 hours)

  • Bartonella Gu Syndrome Herbal Treatment July 2016 (3 hours)

  • Lyme Healer Association Alternative Medicine Training June 2016 (30 hours)

  • Why Your Patients Need Liposomal Essential Oils April 2016 (3 hours)

  • Essential Oils for Persistent Lyme Disease April 2016 (6 hours)

  • Alternative Treatment and Remedies for Kids with Lyme June 2016 (3 hours)

Stephen Buhner

  • Lyme Disease and It’s Coinfections Old Sturbridge Village (8 hours)

Herbal Courses


Rosalee de la Foret’:

Taste of Herbs October 2013 (10 hours)


Twin Star Herbals:

Introduction to Herbalism 2012 (25 hours)

Foundations in Herbalism 2013 (35 hours)

The Art of Flower Essence Therapy October 2013 (25 hours)


Rosemary Gladstar and Susun Weed: Herbal Wisdom March 2013 (4 hours)

Susan Weed: Hidden Treasure: Kidney Essence Class Introduction: January 2012 (4 hours)

K.P. Khalsa: CH101: Culinary Herbalism: May 2011 (4 hours)

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