Long-Term Lyme Patients Do Not Bounce Back Easily After Surgery

Today I am going to write about the reality of recovery from surgical procedures for a Lyme Patient. This reality normally results in a much longer recovery time and the possibility of a relapse of unpleasant symptoms. I think it is safe to say that nobody likes to visit the Emergency room for any reason but this is one place that I think Western Medicine can shine. But even if the Lyme patient does not end up in surgery through the ER but rather through a necessary medical procedure, it very rarely results in a “normal” recovery. I have helped several people over the last few months after surgical procedures (both ER and regularly scheduled). In all cases, the Lyme patient took twice a

How Does A Person with Chronic Lyme Ask for Help and Find a "New Sandbox"

A couple of days ago I saw someone post something on an online Lyme site about how to ask for help when you have a debilitating tick borne illness like neurological Lyme disease. When I saw the words “Fear, Hopeless, Disease is not Real, No Support, Nobody Cares”, I was actually in tears. Asking for help seems like a simple thing and probably sounds silly to most people. Yet, this was one of the most horrible things for me when I became truly unable to function and care for myself, my kids or even my pets. It brings back feelings of fear, anxiety, loneliness and sadness. There was a point many years ago after I was misdiagnosed by over 25 physicians and came out of the fifth hospital fo

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