Graduating with Lyme Disease

I wanted to write today about something that literally hurts my heart every year about this time. This is the time of year when families start to get excited about their kids graduating and some possibly even getting ready for College. This is an exciting time of the year for most families. Aside from graduating they are also planning their vacations. This is not the case for the family that has a member with Lyme or some other lovely tick born illness. I think it hits my heart on two levels….one because I had a child in High School with Lyme that lost a great deal of her childhood. The other because I was a mom many years ago that could not even function with so many tick born illness

Can We Really Describe A Mom Dealing with Lyme Disease?

The word Mom by definition means “Wonder Woman” to me. Think about what a Mom does without getting paid and most of the time without any recognition or appreciation. How many times do we say to ourselves, “Well some day they will realize everything I have done for them and how much I truly love them.” Well today is Mother’s Day and I am going to say what no Mom dealing with Lyme disease or a Tick-Borne Illness will say…YOU ARE FREAKING AMAZING! I am not taking anything away from any other Mom by saying this either. These Moms just have super powers and some divine power looking out for them because only this can explain the level of love and sheer will power I have seen from these Moms

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