“Herbalicious” why do I like to use herbal tinctures for Lyme and Autoimmune Issues?

Someone asked me yesterday why I like alcohol tinctures. I’m not sure I fully answered that question so here goes. It is a complicated response but the goal for me is to get the healing power of plants in you effectively and fast. Alcohol is able to get things out of the plant that are not water soluble like essential oils, alkaloids and resins. These are also medicines. Basically, we want as many healing properties we can get from nature and they are all perfectly residing in the plant. Remember everything works synergistically in that plant for a reason. Nature is smarter than any man-made product in my opinion. We still cannot even identify all of the biochemical compounds in an apple! T

Time for People With Lyme or Autoimmune Disease to FALL UP!

Hi Everyone. Well I am happy that Fall is starting here in CT. Fall is a time of change and preparation for the winter. It is a time to clear all of the insanity from the summer and toxins from your body. It is also a spiritual time for many people including myself and a time to connect with nature and energy all around you. My summer was far from calm and balanced. Rather I had my last child graduate and leave for college, a host of family issues, a barrage of dealings with the western medical machine resulting in surgery, and the death of my most beloved Saint Bernard, Buford. Yes, I can say other then dealing with a death sentence and neurological Lyme disease many years ago this wa

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