Holistic Lyme Healing

If you have already been diagnosed or misdiagnosed by several practitioners, have recently been injured or bit by a tick and are scared, or are just completely confused about where to turn next, we can help you. Many people are on several prescription medicines and the prescribing physician will be responsible for those. Our goal is to do what it takes to eliminate the symptoms of Lyme disease and tick borne infections, reduce pain and increase energy without the use of any medications.  You can get your life back if you address the whole person-body, mind, and spirit!

You Can:

  • Get your energy back

  • Reduce your pain and inflammation

  • Get more sleep and less brain fog

  • Reduce digestive stress 

  • Address ALL of your symptoms

I Will Help You With:

  • Dietary and lifestyle changes

  • Stress management techniques

  • Removing pathogens and toxins from your body

  • On-going emotional support

  • Providing ALL the tools to empower YOU without medication

We will discuss which Healing Program will work for you during your Initial Intake Appointment.

It's time to take back your life!

"My programs go a step further than just getting you well. I provide emotional support and positive reinforcement!

I understand because I suffered for years with many tick born illnesses until I chose a holistic approach."

Don't Wait - Reach Out 

100% of the proceeds of Dr. Sava’s holistic practice goes to the rescue of horses and maintain their life at the farm.

Please consider donating to the farm to help us continue caring for our four legged family and rescue more horses!

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